Author: eagle-drones
Date: September 7, 2020
7 uses for drones

Emergency services

Drones are ideal for emergency services because they allow the pilot to fly into areas that could be hazardous for a response team. They can also scan large areas with thermal cameras to find lost people. Also, they can quickly deliver medicines and vaccines to remote places.

Security Services

Drones are also effective for security they are also a lot cheaper. Security drones can be programmed to follow a suspect when detected through a thermal camera. They can also make detailed 3D models of crime scenes.


Drones are also becoming more popular in agriculture, this is because they can cover large distances quickly and when equipped with a NDVI lens the camera can show where healthy growing is occurring. Also, with specific software a drone can count the number of animals in a field and drones are beginning to be used for herding animals.

Environmental management

Drones are efficient at monitoring national parks and coast lines one again with their ability to cover areas quickly. They can also be used to look for pests using a thermal camera at night and vice-versa they could be used to monitor endangered species.

Urban Planning

Drones are incredibly good at mapping. This is ideal for anything. Photogrammetry mapping, which is done by drones, can show height and depth of a surface which then can be processed to make a 3D model of an area. Drones can also be used for building inspections and surveying new land.


Drones are perfect for film and photography, because they can take photos and videos from all angles. This means that they are good for news being able to get a bird’s eye view of a scene. Also, drones can be used as an advertising tool with a banner hanging down from its feet.


Drones are useful in business, they can be used for documenting conditions of buildings. Their most common use in business is delivery, drones are ideal for this because they can travel at high speeds through the sky where there is no traffic therefor, they can get places quicker.


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