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Thermal cameras have been used for a long time and for many uses but now with the integration of UAV’s the possibilities are endless.

Some of the more common uses for Thermal on a UAV are building inspections, asset inspection, search & rescue and livestock counts.

Eagle Drones use of thermal imaging cameras brings the future to inspection services. Thermal cameras show us problem areas highlighted by spots of elevated temperatures. The most common failure points are connections that become loose or corroded and when electrical resistance is present the temperature will raise until a failure is reached. Thermal images can show problem areas much faster than traditional methods and because it is also contactless that means safer conditions for workers.

Solar Panel inspections can ensure you are producing at your maximum potential by finding faulty or underperforming panels. Solar Panels are installed in a bank so when one or panels are not working correctly it is hard to tell. The panels would need to be individually tested and would be cost prohibitive. By using Eagle Drones thermal inspection service we can scan the panels and find hotspots on panels signalling an electrical fault and find faulty panels before a complete failure. Faulty panels mean lost revenue and lower performance so put technology to work for you and reach your full potential.

Power Line inspection by RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) can provide both high resolution still/video and thermal imaging. Compared to traditional helicopter methods, RPA can fly closer providing better quality imaging and a more cost effective inspection solution.

Thermal Building inspections have been used for a while now but the use of RPA’s get you a much better perspective and up where problems can be located. Drones can get the thermal imaging sensors up to the higher floors and above the roof to locate water leaks and cool spots caused by wet insulation. Heatloss through windows and from expansion joints can be located and addressed to gain a better energy rating and to reduce building energy costs.

Thermal inspections on concrete structures including buildings and bridges can help to locate issues like delamination and water presence. Traditionally bridge inspections require the bridge to be partially or fully closed to inspect the bridge deck but using thermal imaging from above allows us to locate issue quickly and more cost effectively.

Using Eagle Drones thermal cameras we can scan livestock looking for individuals with an elevated body temperature indicating an infection or possibly looking for livestock in heat. Thermal imaging can be used to scan properties for feral pests and underground irrigation issues caused by leaking pipes or faulty valves. Thermal imaging can also be used to scan crops looking for areas of raised crop temperature indicating water stress or stress caused by pest or disease.

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