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Asset Inspection

Asset inspection is essential to keep our society working and is a big business. Regular inspection and maintenance keeps equipment operating and using RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) help to get the job done quicker and more cost effectively.

Wind Turbine inspections are traditionally done by rope and takes around eight hours to complete with three to four personal, this requires the asset to be shut done for at least a full day which adds to the cost of inspection by adding lost revenue. Wind Turbine inspection by drone can be completed in about an hour with less staff and is a safer and more cost effective solution. RPA’s can take high resolution stills or video and automatically detect flaws on the turbine blades. These high resolution images create a record that can be used to monitor the lifespan of the asset and be used to better schedule maintenance and repair times. These records can also be used to compare damage and wear to blades from weather events and be used to make better decisions on blade coatings. Thermal and hyperspectral imaging can be used to find damage to blades invisible to the naked eye allowing engineers time to schedule repairs.

Powerline inspections are another large asset inspection industry. Traditionally performed by helicopters drones can get closer and take higher resolution imaging allowing engineers the ability to zoom in on parts and find flaws down to 1mm in size. Eagle Drones can carry high definition cameras and thermal imaging cameras so possible failure points can be identified by the heat generated and can be found before a failure occurs allowing the repairs to be planned when it is more convenient instead of a failure that requires immediate attention. Eagle Drones drones can be launched in short notice and immediately available when an inspection is required.

Bridge inspections typically require scaffolding to be erected or the use of cranes to get to hard to reach areas and typically require the bridge to be closed down to traffic. Eagle Drones stable of aircraft can get to hard to reach areas and take high resolution images in a lot less time and with less infrastructure required. Drone bridge inspection can also be done without the need to close the bridge to traffic and can perform a thermal inspection of the bridge desk to expose any issue with delamination.

Using a UAV instead of man power offers less downtime, less accidents and thus more money. Time is money and Eagle Drones objective is to increase your bottom line.

Video and still images can be streamed in real time to an engineer in a central office or from a monitor on site. Eagle Drones Thermal Imaging for solid structures such as bridges, towers, stacks etc has the ability to identify previously unseen structural, water or mechanical issues / stresses. In addition Eagle Drones Thermal Imaging will scan a building identifying heat losses assisting in heating and cooling efficiency, thus potential substantial savings.

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