Contracted by DPTI to remove Corellas from Willunga High School


Corellas in a tree

Value: >30k$

Client: DPTI

Location: Willunga High School

Industry Sector: Commercial

Delivery Model: Bespoke Program


After years of issues with Corellas at Willunga High School ADAcq was approached and tasked with relieving Willunga High School of their Corella problem. ADAcq undertook this challenge and derived a specialised program to unsettle and relocate the Corellas without harming them. ADAcq’s specialised deterrent program created an uncomfortable environment for the birds and causes them to seek alternative roosting sites. This program is in line with the Discovery Circle Report on the states Corella problem but achieves success within weeks and without expensive modification to the environment. To hear more about ADAcq’s Corella deterrent program give a call or drop us and email.


On a success based contract ADAcq was to remove the Corellas from Willunga High School.


ADAcq successfully remove the Corellas and maintained the site for a period of 30 days. The site remained Corella free for the remainder of the season.