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Eagle Drones is proud to launch the Farming Beyond Tomorrow program. Our goal is to provide farmers with access to highly actionable data and bring farming into the future. The FBT (Farming Beyond Tomorrow) program includes everything the farmer needs to get started with aerial crop scouting including a cutting edge drone and software to control the drone at the push of a button. The Drone is preprogramed for your fields so all you need to do is carry it outside, turn it on and push Launch.

Eagle Drones FBT drone will automatically fly the selected area and capture high resolution images that can be used to create a topographical map, digital contour map, crop health map and various other crop reports. These maps can be used to create insurance reports to prove the extent of damage to your crops to ensure you get treated fairly. Weed mapping and stand counts can help you get the crop started right to help you reach your maximum yield potential.

Eagle Drones Bird Deterrent Program


Eagle Drones a commercial drone company has through innovative strategies by combining both hardware and software initiatives solved the decade old problem of Corellas destroying both the lifestyle of students and staff alike at the Willunga High School.

Not only is the health and wellbeing of the occupants now a positive environment but the enormous ongoing annual cost of the trail of destruction created by the corellas is a thing of the past.

The days “of not being able to see a blade of grass on the oval, due to the numbers of corellas” (5,000 + birds), is over and the students can now play sport without sustaining injuries from the many potholes created by the corellas digging.

The health issues created by the consistent bird droppings have now been eradicated and the students can now enjoy the shade of the trees for their lunch.

In addition to the wellbeing of the occupants, the ongoing destruction of the facilities has been a primary focus of the birds, necessitating continued high pressure cleaning, replacement of window seals, re-lining courts, top dressing playing fields, pruning trees, removing debris from tree caused by birds “feeding” on limbs and leaves etc etc.

Noise levels were such, that at times classes had to be abandoned, or re-sited.

Eagle Drones was contracted in January 2018 by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on behalf of Willunga High School with the view to humanely relocate the Corellas.

Eagle Drones, accepted the challenge, to date being unachievable by others through a variety of methods, including Falconry, Electric Fright, Lasers and Noise.

A new approach was required and Eagle Drones delivered this with an innovative, propriety approach, which according to the Facilities Manager Mr Giulio Pellegrini has been an outstanding success with the School wishing to enter into an on-going deterrent contract with Eagle Drones.

CALL Eagle Drones today to assist you in solving your Corella problem once and for all, hard to believe, NO, IT HAS BEEN DONE.

Eagle Drones are innovative in their approach to once “unsolvable problems”, talk to us we have resources available, never before utilised in South Australia.

“Catch Us On Eagle” for the extensive range of services in addition to corella control that we provide across a number of industries.

Omar Sykes

Technical Director

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