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Worker safety is paramount and through the use of Eagle Drones UAV technology the time spent on site by workers is greatly reduced, minimizing risk and boosting productivity by acquiring data in hours that takes days or weeks by traditional methods. Eagle Drones is the way of the future.

What Can UAV’s Do?

UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are used to get imaging devices up where they are most useful, in the air. With a custom RGB camera Eagle Drones is able to capture a series of geo-referenced high resolution images which can be stitched together with cutting edge software to produce a wide range of actionable maps and 3D renders.

From the maps Eagle Drones produces you can safely look at things like pit walls and unstable slopes. With resolutions down to 1cm/Pixel you can see small cracks and variations in soil composition. Eagle Drones ’s production of geo-referenced ortho maps can allow you to track progress over time and with professional RTK survey accuracy available you can make sure the work matches the plans.

Other map types Eagle Drones can produce include Digital Surface maps, Terrain maps, Landfill and Stockpile volumetrics, and 3D rendered meshes. Using the 3D surface maps you can better plan drainage and monitor stockpiles for future and immediate decision making. Eagle Drones is leading the way to better business.


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