Author: eagle-drones
Date: August 25, 2020
Multispectral Imaging Revolution for Agriculture

Looking to save money and increase your yields, Multispectral Imaging can deliver.

NDVI mapping in conjunction with our UAV’s (commercial drones) has enabled Multispectral Imaging to now deliver data and information to the agricultural industry, previously unseen by the naked eye.

NDVI “Normalised Difference Vegetation Index”  is a “Health” map of your crop.

Previously, “eyeing the potential harvest” was essential, but unfortunately once the naked eye can see a problem, it is often too late to take remedial action, likewise the naked eye does not have the ability to readily identify detailed anomalies that Multispectral Imaging can.

A recent study by Eagle Drones, revealed a potential loss, previously unseen, of some $1,000,000 on a crop over 70 acres.

Our study clearly identified the issues creating the potential loss, enabling the organisation to take steps prior to the next plantings and thus reduce expenses and increase yield, and recovering some of the $1 m loss.

Multispectral Imaging analyses the relationship between discreet visible and non visible bands of light and using a mathematical equation determines if the crop is growing vigorously or experiencing difficulties. Typically these light bands include blue, green, red, red-edge and near-infrared.

The ability to see how the crop is growing within allow you to take advantage of variable rate prescriptions for consumables such as fertiliser, water, pesticides and herbicides.

Using variable rate technology allows you to reduce those expenses by distributing fertiliser only where it is needed and reduce the rate, research indicates savings of up to 30% and not over stressing the crop.

By not using excess chemicals, you will not only reduce your costs but also help the  environment, thus less potential run off and effect on waterways and wildlife.

Contact Eagle Drones today and ask us about our state wide service and how we can help you increase your yields and save on costs.


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