Re-Create any landscape digitally

3D Topographic Modelling

Value: Undisclosed

Client: NA

Location: Earth

Industry Sector: Environment & Wildlife, Construction and Engineering

Delivery Model: Images, PointCloud and 3D Models


At Eagle Drones, we have the equipment to re-create the real world in digital format.  There are many methods for capturing the topography of the land including Lidar, Photogrammetry and even Sonar.

The digital reproductions can be used for engineering planning, event planning, computer graphic purposes including use in games and movies.


Any area of Adelaide can be mapped in order to measure rates of errosion along the coastline, errosion along rivers, reproduction or historical recording of existing land feature.


Eagle Drones successfully re-create the ares as required in enough detail to make accurate measurements of erosion and provide a historical record of the area.