Monitoring coastlines with LIDAR

Coastal Photography

Value: Undisclosed

Client: Onkaparinga Council

Location: Port Noarlunga

Industry Sector: Council Planning

Delivery Model: 3D Model and Maps


Eagle Drones utilises this new disruptive technology called LIDAR, that is perfect for monitoring the state and change of coastal areas. Lidar is a 3D Laser scanner that releases approximately 1,000,000 laser beams per second to accurately and thoroughly map the Coast. Due to the high rate of survey points it is the ideal technology to allow a comparison over time.

The drone is programmed to create a repeatable flying program to insure consistency in image capture. The drone captured data is processed to create a 3D model called a pointcloud which consists of billions of gps captured points. Specialised software allows us to compare two models day to day and year to year and clearly see the areas of change.



Coastal Errosion Example Lidar

Lidar lasers hit everything it passes over and allows the system to map even the most subtle variations in the coastal cliffs. In the following image you can see a comparison model showing an erosion event indicated by the yellow and red colour. Yellow indicates a small negative change and as the colour morphs towards red it indicates a larger change.

The comparison modelling not only shows areas of erosion but also shows areas where there has been an increase in volume. In the following example red shows areas where sand is now missing but blue indicates where sand has now been deposited.

Port Noarlunga Lidar

From the Data, Eagle drones is able to create incredibly rich 3D Mesh models and 3D Pointclouds. Our clients have then used these data sets to do everything from stormwater design to encroachment around powerlines. Once turned into a 3D model you are able to look around the Multi-rotational image from any angle and distance. If you want to see the view looking down a specific street or from the bottom of a cliff it is no problem with our cutting-edge 3D technology.

Port Noarlunga Lidar Point cloud