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Precision Agriculture

What Is Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture enables land and crop variability to be identified and managed. Unlike uniform farming where all areas are treated the same, Precision Agriculture uses information from yield and quality monitoring equipment, GPS, in-crop sensors, satellite biomass imagery and UAV technology to better match agronomy to the production potential of specific areas.

How Can UAV (Drone) Technology Help Your Business?

UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) carry various sensors to capture images. The use of multispectrum sensors allow Eagle Drones to produce NDVI maps that can show precise information concerning crop health. The industry standard NDVI maps highlight areas of plant vigor and stress, allowing the farmer to spend less time scouting and more time treating the areas that need it. Eagle Drones also uses Thermal Imaging to analyse the health of your crop looking at evapotranspiration or areas of warmer crop signalling water stress. Ask Eagle Drones today how we can help bring you larger yields in the future.

What Is NDVI?

NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and is an index which looks at the light reflected off of plant matter. NDVI looks at the amount of near infra-red light compared to the amount of red light reflected (NIR-RED/NIR+RED). There are other indices that also look at green, blue and red-edge that allow you to see more information like Nitrogen and Chlorophyll content. In simple terms, a healthy plant absorbs a lot of the red spectrum to produce chlorophyll and reflects NIR and as the plant starts to stress, it starts to absorb less of the red and reflect less of the NIR spectrum.

What Can NDVI Show?

NDVI shows crop variability through areas of stress and vigor. When you look at an NDVI map the most important place to start is the areas of stress. NDVI maps are not capable of telling you exactly what the root cause of the stress is but is valuable because it shows you where to look. A grower could walk his crop multiple times and never see the start of a root disease or pest and by the time it is shown by a change in crop colour it will most likely be too late to take corrective action and save the years yield from that area. Multi-spectral imaging can see the stress in the crop long before is is visible with the naked eye and allows the grower to take action a lot sooner bringing stressed area up to maximum yield levels. Focusing on the already vigorous areas and trying to get those areas to 100% yield may increase the bottom line a little bit but being able to find and eliminate areas of crop loss will super charge your yields and can make the kind of differences worth getting excited about. Speak to Eagle Drones now and let’s work together to make your growing season the best ever.

By ground truthing the areas of less vigor, you can locate potential causes of crop loss like irrigation, pests, disease, fertilizer and seeding.

These maps can be used to produce prescription maps for better application of nitrogen and improved seeding.

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