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Surveying and Mapping

Eagle Drones uses RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) to produce highly actionable maps and images. By using RPA it allows us to collect the data in a quick and safe matter saving you time and money. RPA can be used in areas hard to access by traditional methods and can even capture images in pits without having to shut down site operation.

Eagle Drones provides professional survey grade mapping services. We can produce a variety of outputs including Geo-referenced Othophotos, Colorised Point Clouds, Digital Terrain and Surface maps, Volumetrics and 3D meshes. Eagle Drones achieves a high level of accuracy with the use of RTK (real time kinetics) technology and our cutting edge software. Eagle Drones produces maps with up to >1cm horizontal and >2cm vertical accuracy.

Eagle Drones now has Aerial Lidar in Australia to provide the latest and best technology to our clients. Aerial Lidar has been growing and it is finally available to you for projects that require high accuracy. Lidar when combined with ultra high resolution imaging provides the best of both worlds, providing the accuracy and density of Lidar and the image quality of Photogrammetry.

Some common applications for UAV based imaging are

  • Agriculture & Forestry Monitoring
  • Construction Site Surveying
  • Light Vegetation
  • Penetration and Forrest Terrain
  • Open Pit Mining Operations
  • Stockpile Volumetrics
  • General Mapping

Eagle Drones can provides deliverables in all common file formats fitting in with your established workflows. Contact us now to arrange your free demonstration or to discuss a tailored solution package to suit your needs.

With this high level of accuracy, coupled with less time for the acquisition of the data you have less downtime and quality actionable data sets.

During a case study by McIntosh Perry Surveying Inc published in Ontario Professional Surveyor magazine (Summer 2015) a survey of 40 hectares of farmland took four days of in field work and acquired 1800 data points with traditional survey methods, compared with 1 hour including set up and take down and capturing 31 million data points with the Sensefly eBee RTK UAV.

Upon comparison of the two data sets they concluded: “This test has shown that a terrain model created from data acquired by aerial means using the eBee platform can successfully compete in accuracy with a conventional ground topographic survey completed using RTK GNSS receivers, comprising a base and rover. These results are consistently suitable for pre-engineering design and well above the requirements for draft plans of subdivision.”

Other applications include Pit Volumes, Stockpile Volumes, Environmental monitoring, Route Survey, Broad Acre Subdivision Developments, Timeline Surveys, Landfill Calculations and Rehabilitation Proposals.

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