Eagle Drones is an award-winning, privately-owned commercial drone services and data acquisition company delivering key infrastructure data and recognised for our expertise in the drone sector. Founded in South Australia in 2017, Eagle Drones has grown rapidly to become a commercial drones services provider with offices in Hove, SA, working on projects in metropolitan, regional and remote areas throughout Australia.

We have an excellent reputation for delivering projects on time and working in a collaborative way with clients, stakeholders and the wider community. Our experience, capability, financial stability, proven team and outstanding track record make Eagle Drones an ideal partner for complex data collection projects.

Our CASA Certification allows us to train and certify you as a remote pilot and obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

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Eagle Drones are a certified CASA training organisation.  We can help you get your RePL for <7Kg and <25Kg Multirotor or Upgrade from one category to another.

We work with governement and corporate customers in Agriculture, Environment, Mining, Energy, Search and Rescue and Security.

Eagle Drones fly with various equipment including multi rotor drones, fixed wing aircraft as well as any other unmanned vehicles (UXV).